Pareto Analysis

• GoGo Shoes is a women’s footwear manufacturer. They have their own factories in China
and wholesale to major stores in Australia and New Zealand.
• You have been provided with their sales results for the last season. You will need to
analyse the sales data and make recommendations for how they should manage the
range going forward. Graphing the sales date would be very useful.
You will need to manipulate the data you have been given–
• Copy and past the data twice, onto a new worksheet or across the worksheet you are on
(leave a column gap between each one)
• Keep the original data as a reference
• Sort copy no.1 by UNITS
• Sort copy no.2 by SALES $
• What styles/SKU’s are performing well and should be repeated next year?
• What styles and SKU’s are underperforming and should be watched?
• What are the relevant issues you would need to consider before deleting an SKU or style?
• What styles and SKU’s should they delete from the range?

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