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you should read 6 characters book which is in this link :

Write 2 questions that you have about this play. Try not to throw this away with questions that–while I understand–do not bring us closer to the truth (or meaning of the script), i.e., “What is going on?” “Why did Pirandello write this?” Your questions show me your thinking.
2. Choose one of the characters looking for an author from an Unfinished Play (do not choose a character from the Theater Company) and create a character analysis:
• Describe the character in terms of physicality (Pirandello lays all of this out for you)

Custer THTR 111
• Next make a list of the given circumstances. Given Circumstances are what costumers (and other designers) use to determine who the character is. To create your list, answer these questions: 1) what does the character say about him/herself? 2) what do others say about the character? 3) Does the character ever lie (even to him/herself)? 4) how would you describe this character to someone who had never met him/her before?
3. One of the themes in this play is the idea of reality versus illusion (the Characters believe that they are real even though they are a product of the Author’s imagination). Read the following idea below:
An actor is less real than a character. In a novel or a short story, a character speaks directly to the reader [audience] while an actor is required in order for the audience to know what the character thinks and feels. The actor is pretending to be the chatacter, so the character represents reality.


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