Preventing Opioid Constipation.

State of the Science paper written document 5 pages for a total of approx 10 pages that will include a Table of Evidence and reference pages. The paper should include the introduction that will cover the PICO question “Patient’s at end of life (EOL) who take opioids regularly, does a bowel regimen compared to no bowel regimen affect constipation”? Search strategy, Review of literature, Synthesis, Implications for Practice. Evidence Table to include: Author, year, journal/ Purpose/ Design Methods/ Sample setting/ Major variables, interventions and or Measurement/ Data analysis/ Findings/ Significance for practice and patient care outcomes. Reference page of approximately 10 references and approximately 3-5 data bases such as CINAHL, Ovid, Cochrane Library, PubMed, Google Scholar with Mesh terms.

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