Freewrite #1: Type up a brief response that explains which essay you want to respond to, why you want
to respond to it, and what you have to say about it. Remember, you can choose to agree or disagree
with the main claim that the author makes.
Pg. 233-234 “Opinion and Working Thesis Statement”:
This worksheet is asking you to isolate the argument that the author is making. Because the editors of
Write It want you to respond to Stoll, they have used his name and essay title, but I am allowing you to
respond to any of the essays in this chapter (excluding the last one, “Addicted to Technology”), so you
can simply cross out Stoll’s name and essay title and replace them with the author’s name and essay
title of your choosing.
3) What does Hallowell mean by the “human moment” and how has technology threatened it? Do you
agree with Hallowell’s argument?
Your essay should begin with a directed summary of the essay you have chosen to write on.
Then you will take your own stance and develop your argument, whether in support or disagreement,
with examples, personal anecdotes and research.
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