*Questions 1 to 20:* Select the best answer to eac Law Assignment Help

*Questions 1 to 20:* Select the best answer to each question. 1. Which of the following would be unlikely to call for the services of a home inspector? A. A homeowner B. A real estate attorney C. A real estate agent D. An electrician 2. Relocation companies are responsible for A. approving second mortgages. B. moving corporate personnel. C. finding new homes for the victims of environmental hazards. D. transferring real estate personnel to understaffed territories. 3. In a property transaction, the homeowner has an increasing legal responsibility to A. use the services of a relocation company. B. disclose all information on home condition to interested buyers. C. make all the repairs the buyer requests. D. request an inspection for hazardous materials. 4. Real estate appraisers are experts at A. determining the insurance needs of property owners. B. pinpointing needed repairs in homes. C. determining the value of properties. D. appraising the cost of future home maintenance. 5. There are professional guidelines that should be observed in a home inspector

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