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Re-Organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper

Assignment Requirements:

Review the team members’ discussion and summary and write a paper about it.

I started writing the paper already and haven’t finished it yet.  All I’ve done so far is identify the problem.  I need you to add to it(will be included in attachments section) by:

  • Summarizing the issue.
  • Explaining why this is the underlying problem.

Your addition to the paper(not counting my work) should be at least 350 words long.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Additional Requirements:

  • Complete the assignment using your own words with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in APA format.  No plagiarism.
  • If you are not using your own words or if you are quoting any information or definitions, make sure to cite the information by using proper APA format citations and don’t forget to include the source of the information as a reference on the references page using proper APA format.(Summary Goes Here)

    The problem presented is more than obvious and that is the layoff. The way corporate is going about it leaves the workers kind of stuck out. So it can be looked at in two different ways, from a corporate (business) standpoint and from an employee standpoint. On the business end they see a better way to make money so they have to create or pursue a better option. Who wouldn’t want to go the route that makes their business more money? Anyone who has a business or ever ran one knows the true meaning of supply and demand. They both have to have some type of balance in order for the business to continue to run smoothly. With this company the balance isn’t there so they chose outsourcing as a means to an end. Still there is some legal technicalities that they can’t get around, because of the money they owe their employees. From the employee standpoint it’s almost like hanging in the balance of what if or what will be. They don’t know when the layoff will happen because it keeps getting put off and or pushed back. So the matter of when is up in the air. That is one thing to worry about the other is compensation. It did touch basis on those who are eligible for retirement. Some say yes and some say no. Now back to the problem, the layoff, it seems so sudden and then again it’s creating unwanted stress. So collectively the team agrees this is the main problem of the article as a whole, the layoff.

    (Explaining Why This Is The Underlying Problem Goes Here)

    Team Members’ Discussion


    Team Member 1:


    The problem presented in the article is that GE Transportation is laying off employees; eliminating 100 salaried positions and 950 union jobs at its Erie plant. The company announcing the layoffs is a short time causing employees to scatter to find a new job. The company’s problem is finding various ways to assist those employees in finding new job opportunities; severance pay? Training? What can help these employees move on with their lives in the most convenient way for them.

    The company’s problem is finding benefits for displaced employees and the benefits they are entitled to under the union contract. Because their need to provide benefits in short notice, there were various decisions to be made in light of the company’s decision to lay off numerous employees. The problem is searching for the best ways to lay off employees and meet the needs of the union.

    The company’s attempt for TAA benefits which is the Trade Adjustment Assistance; TAA provides benefits to employees who lose
    their jobs to due foreign competition. The company also expressed its grief towards its decision to move forward with the layoffs. They allowed Rapid Response to do a job fair on the company’s premises to assist those that would be losing their jobs; local colleges and trade schools were also expected to attend. Another solution to their problem the UE contract providing an income extension equal to one week of pay for every year of service, minimum of four weeks pay. Employees losing their jobs would also receive a one year extension to their benefits; this includes their medical, dental and vision insurance.

    Team Member 2:

    The problem presented in this article is the way the workers for GE Transportation, were being laid off. The lack of time given as notice to address the layoff issue was another problem. The workers now have to struggle to secure other means of employment, after a one week notice. Another problem plaguing the workers and the company is the responsibility, the company has to the employees now that they are severing ties.

    I think the layoffs were a manifestation of a slowdown in orders and low productivity. The issue of trying to keep cost low and meet certain statistical numbers was inevitable without the cuts. When trying to compete with the marketplace, the company had to reduce cost in turn costing valuable employees their jobs.

    Some possible solutions could have been longer notice period, which could have help some employees find employment. Severance package for all employees losing their job with a benefits package that would cover insurance, health and medical for at least six months. Job placement assistance placing unemployed workers, with companies comparable to theirs.

    Team Member 3:

    The issue that is addressed is how GE Transportation is going to implement its lay off plans, while also providing wide-reaching benefits to all of the employees who are laid off. The company has a plan to eliminate approximately 100 salaried employees and 950 union workers. The main issue is how the company can assist the majority of these employees in finding suitable job alternatives and moving on with their lives. This acknowledges that the company has a responsibility to make sure that all of the people who are laid off receive the assistance that they need in every way possible. This is a great move that should be emulated by many other companies.

    Essentially, this is the problem because the company is laying off workers from their jobs, and they are working extra hard to make sure that these workers stand to benefit in one way or another. Take, for example, the move by the company to apply for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which according to the article, “provides wide-reaching benefits to employees who lose their jobs due to foreign competition.” This shows that the company is trying to solve the problem of laying off workers. At the same time, the article states that “We are taking this difficult step to meet an increasingly challenging marketplace that requires us to reduce costs and improve flexibility to maintain our competitiveness.” This concludes that the company is solving its problems by laying off workers and moving an extra mile to look for alternative solutions for these workers.

    The solutions that are provided by the company for the laid off workers are several. At first, the company is working with the Department of Labor & Industry’s Rapid Response team to assist all of the employees who lose their jobs. There are scheduled meetings within the company with the rapid response and representative of colleges as well as various employers who are expected to hire the laid off workers. There are also outplacement sessions which the company plans to conduct on a daily basis from Nov. 5th, 12th, and 19th. Lastly, the company plans to conduct instruction workshops on a daily basis from Nov 7th, 14th, and 21st to assist the laid off employees with navigating job searches.

    Team Member 4:

    The problem is the way GE is going about handling business with the layoff. It’s like a yes, no situation that leaves the employees naked and not knowing whether to stay or just throw their hands up and leave. I say it leaves them naked because GE has basically snatched their security blanket off. It is a problem because they don’t ever know when or which day they may show up for work and the job is really gone. The company doesn’t seem to consider the fact that they actually have loyal employees and this is like their life. To me it would be the equivalent of going to work and coming home a vacant lot because your home was moved without you knowing or having a chance to get prepared. While there is really no easy or simple way to let someone know they are about to be jobless or in search of, I think recommendation letters would be a good start and also organizing job fairs so that they have the opportunity to find another job.


    Summary of Team Members’ Discussion


    Based on reading the teams responses, I believe we were all in agreement, based on the facts presented. The main point being, the GE transportation laying off workers with short notice was unacceptable.  The team agreed the notice was too short given the circumstances and this created a frenzy. The issue at hand was; how the employees could find work in a substantial amount of time, GE transportation provided valuable resources to help laid off individuals with any financial stressors they may face. Team Member 3 stated, “The main issue is how the company can assist the majority of these employees in finding suitable job alternatives and moving on with their lives.”  Team Member 3 made a valid point, because without assistance the workers could end up homeless and bankrupt.

    Team Member 1 stated, “The Company’s attempt for TAA benefits which is the Trade Adjustment Assistance; TAA provides benefits to employees who lose their jobs to due foreign competition.” The company was trying to find various ways to assist, the employees in the transition of being unemployed. Although, losing their jobs due to the fact that the company had slow production, and the reduction in orders, the company was making a valiant effort to help assist the employees. The main point is the company had to reduce cost, in turn costed the valuable employees to lose their jobs.

    In Conclusion, the company made every effort to help the now displaced employees. Some possible solutions could have been a longer notice period, that could have helped the laid off employees find suitable employment. Also the company could have provided a benefits package to cover insurance, medical, and health cost for up to a year after layoffs. It is not an easy task laying off employees, because the emotion plays a vital role in the decision making process. We have to make hard decisions, when it comes to cost cutting measures in order to keep the company from failing.


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