research work

Research Paper Grading Rubric

Criteria Levels of Achievement
Excellent/Good Fair/Competent Deficient Points Earned

(CCLO #2)

65 to 75 points

· Major points are stated clearly and are well-supported.

· Content is persuasive and comprehensive.

· Content and purpose of the writing is clear.

· Thesis has a strong claim.

· Audience is clear and appropriate for the topic.

· Supportive information (if required) is strong and addresses writing focus.

51 to 64 points

· Major points are addressed by clarity or support is limited.

· Content is somewhat persuasive or comprehensive.

· Content is inconsistent (lack of clear purpose and/or clarity).

· Thesis could be stronger.

· Supportive information (if required) needs strengthening or does not address writing focus.

0 to 50 points

· Major points are unclear and/or insufficiently supported.

· Content is missing essentials.

· Content has unsatisfactory purpose, focus, and clarity.

· Supportive information (if required) is missing.

Organization and Structure

(CCLO #1)

65 to 75 points

· Writing is well-structured, clear, and easy-to-follow.

· Introduction is compelling and forecasts the topic and thesis.

· Each paragraph is unified and has a clear central idea.

· Transitional wording is present throughout the writing.

· Conclusion is a logical end to the writing.

51 to 64 points

· Adequately organized with some areas difficult to follow.

· Introduction needs to provide a stronger gateway into the writing.

· Some paragraphs lack unity and coherence.

· Better transitions are needed to provide fluency of ideas.

· Conclusion is trite or barely serves its purpose.

0 to 50 points

· Organization and structure detract from the writer’s message.

· Introduction and/or conclusion is/are incomplete or missing.

· Paragraphs are not unified (more than 1 topic/missing or inadequate controlling and concluding sentences).

· Transitions are missing.

· Conclusion, if present, fails to serve its purpose.


Criteria Excellent/Good Fair/Competent Deficient Points Earned
Grammar and Diction

(CCLO #1, #3)

65 to 75 points

· The writing reflects grammar, punctuation, and spelling standards.

· Language is accurate, appropriate, and effective.

· The writing’s tone is appropriate and highly effective.

· 51 to 64 points

· The writing contains some grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling errors.

· Language is unclear, awkward, or inappropriate in parts.

· The writing’s tone is generally appropriate and moderately effective.

0 to 50 points

· The writing contains many grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling errors.

· Language use is largely inaccurate or inappropriate.

· The writing’s tone is ineffective and/or inappropriate.

Format: Current MLA/APA/ Turabian Paper Requirements

(CCLO #6)

18 to 25 points

· Writing correctly follows formatting guidelines.

· Parenthetical and bibliographical source citations are used correctly and appropriately.

10 to 17 points

· Writing follows most formatting guidelines, but some flaws are detected.

· Parenthetical and bibliographical source citations are incorrectly formatted or used.

0 to 9 points

· Writing lacks many elements of correct formatting.

· Parenthetical and bibliographical source citations and/or references are not provided.

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