Royal Mail

Royal Mail
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The format of the report is to be:

• Cover sheet including name of students, seminar tutor, date of submission, and word count – 5% will be deducted from the report mark for any omission of this information
• Executive summary
• Contents page
• Introduction
• Findings (main body of the report)
• Conclusion
• References (these are to be referenced in Harvard format)

• You should write in the style of a business report, not an essay, and should address your report to your client
Answer all of the following questions:
1. Analyse the trading performance measures (KPIs) that the Royal Mail use to measure their annual performance, and suggest two improvements that could be made.

2. The Royal Mail is undergoing transformational change as a result of privatisation and an evolving business environment.
a. Explain the purpose of conducting a Field Force Analysis.
b. Conduct a FFA for Royal Mail in relation to the current business environment of declining letter but increasing parcel deliveries.

3. Using the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility describe and evaluate Royal Mail’s approach to Corporate Social responsibility.

4. Royal Mail has a strong Trade Union presence in the form of the CWU, evaluate how the involvement of a Trade Union can impact and influence how Royal Mail communicates with its employees.

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