"Running From Office: Why Young Americans Are Turned Off To Politics" By, Jennifer Lawless & Richard Fox 2015

This is for a Research Methods in Political Science class, it is a Research Methods Book Review. All the questions must be thoroughly addressed, it must be a well written and well formatted paper.

Order Instructions…..
You will be required to read Lawless and Fox’s Running From Office.
After you do so you will be required to write a review of at least 4 pages (Double Spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman Font) addressing the following issues:

1. Identify one of the major explanatory research questions the authors were seeking to address.

2. What types of research designs and methods were employed to answer these questions?

3. Identify multiple hypotheses being tested in the study specifying the independent and dependent variables and units of analysis.

2. What were the main findings of the study?

4. How would you assess the overall methodological quality of study?

5. Identify specific strengths and weaknesses.


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