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.Strategic Management Perdue Farms, Inc. See attached file for full problem description. Perdue Farms, Inc 1. What industry factors threaten Perdues future growth and profitability? 2. Identify the generic business-level and competitive strategies the firm is using. 3. What is Perdues corporate-level strategy, and how does it support its business-level strategy? Document Preview: Perdue Farms Ine.: Responding to Twenty-First-Century Challenges This case was prepared by George C. Rubenson and Frank M. Shipper, Salisbury University. I have a theory that you can tell the difference between those who have inherited a fortune and those who have made a fortune. Those who have made their own fortune forget not where they came from and are less likely to lose touch with the common man. -Bill Sterling C50 Background and Company History Thneatehdistobryy soefvePnertdhueemeFsa:rmqsuaIlnitey., isgrdoowmthi, geographic expansion, vertical integration, innovation, branding, and service. Arthur W. Perdue, a Railway Express agent and descendant of a French Huguenot family named Perdeaux, founded the company in 1920 when he left his job with Railway Express and entered The authors are indebted to Frank Perdue, Jim Perdue, and the numerous associates at Perdue Farms Inc., who generously shared their time and information about the company. In addition, the authors would like to thank the anonymous librarians at Blackwell Library, Salisbury State University, who routinely review area newspapers and file articles about the poultry industry-the most important industry on the DelMarVa peninsula. Without their assistance, this case study would not have been possible. This case is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion rather than as an illustration of either effective or ineffective handling of the situation. Reprinted by permission of George C. Rubenson and Frank M. Shipper. the egg business full-time near the small town of Salisbury, Maryland. Salisbury is located in a region immortalized in James Micheners Chesapeake and alternately known as the Eastern Shore or the DelMarVa peninsula. It includes parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Arthur Perdues only child, Franklin Parsons Perdue, was born in 1920, the year the company was founded. Perdue Farmss mission statement (Exhibit 1) emphasizes quality. In the 1920s,Mr. Arthur, as he was called, Attachments: Perdue-Farms-.pdf

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