Strategic Performance Measurement


This research paper requires exploration in a number of strategic performance concepts. Referring to extensive academic literature, discuss the following with real life examples.

1. Distinguish between Operational and Strategic Performance
2. Discuss the relevance and importance of globalisation in relation to Performance Measurement and Enterprise Performance
3. Explore the linkages between Strategy and Organisational Structure in a changing environment
4. Discuss and critique 2 approaches to Strategic Performance Measurement

Supplementary Material to be used and referred to in this research paper.
A. Evaluating Strategic Performance: Concepts and Methodology, Cooper, W., Ruefli, T., Wilson, C., Feb 1st 2012,
B. Scoring Strategic Performance: a pragmatic constructivist approach to strategic performance measurement, Mitchell, F., Nielsen, N., Norreklit, H., Norreklit, L., 29th April 2012

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