Sustainable Energy Investment Program.

Historically, there has been significant “unrealized potential for sustainable energy gains” in Barbados. The Government of Barbados, recognizing these unrealized gains, has, in response, initiated through USD$10 million funding from the International Development Bank (IADB), the Sustainable Energy Investment Program (Smart Fund) (BA-L1020).

The objective was to promote the increased use of renewable energy (RE) and the implementation of energy efficiency (EE) measures through the design and implementation of the Sustainable Energy Investment Program, also known as the “Smart Fund”. It is envisioned this project will ultimately, help to reduce Barbados’ overall fossil fuel dependency across residential and commercial sectors and promote sustainable energy supply as well as carbon emission reductions.

The WRITER here is being asked to complete the following sections using the subheadings listed:

3.1 Description Project Design
3.2 Project Structure and Reporting
3.3 Project Funding
3.4 Proposed Beneficiaries
3.5 Implementation Approach –
3.6 Project Monitoring
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