The role of an Airline Security Manager


Body Scanners (Assignment 2)
You are to assume the role of an Airline Security Manager who has been requested to provide a (maximum) three page submission to your CEO.
Request The Office of Transport Security (OTS) has advised that it intends to require body scanners to be introduced into domestic terminals of Designated Airports on 1 July 2016 to counter the non-metallic IED threat. Your CEO has been requested by the OTS to provide comment on the proposal. You in turn have been asked by your CEO to provide them with the issues this will generate and any other options that could be considered. You will need to be concise with your submission containing:

• purpose of the submission (1 sentence maximum);

• the issues of implementing body scanners into domestic terminals – dot points of each issue, plus explanation;

• any other options that could be implemented and why; and

• your recommendations, if any (1 paragraph). Assume the CEO knows little about the details of aviation security.

You will need to indicate in your answer if your airline owns and operates a domestic terminal (similar to Qantas in Sydney) or if your airline is a merely a user of a terminal such as Rex in terminal 2 in Sydney. This will make a difference to your response. The brief should deal with the issues, options, restrictions, limitations and consequences.
avia5003 – [your name] – assignment 2 – 2015
Weighting: 25% Length:
Three A4 pages (any referencing can be attached on a forth page, which will be unmarked)

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