The role of violence in the British 'settlement' of Australia

Choose one the essays below

1. Assess the role of violence in the British ‘settlement’ of Australia.


2. How did the Macquarie era reflect the influence of Enlightenment values in colonial Australia?


3. What does the nineteenth century acclimatisation movement tell us about the
relationship between European settlers and the Australian environment?


4. Was the Eureka Stockade a movement for democratic rights or simply a protest over mining fees?


5. How was the transportation system gendered?
6. How were Aboriginal women’s lives impacted by colonisation?


7. How can a focus on EITHER material culture OR visual culture re-frame our understanding of nineteenth-century Australia?


8. Why were larrikins a source of anxiety in late nineteenth-century Australia?
9. How successful was working class political mobilisation in the 1890s?


10. What was the experience of the Chinese in Nineteenth Century Australia?

11. Why was the declining birth rate such a point of social, economic and political concern in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? How were women portrayed in these discussions?


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