Todays business professionals involved in global markets are sometimes faced with ethical Law Assignment Help

Todays business professionals involved in global markets aresometimes faced with ethical predicaments, because ofdifferent: A. modes of transport. B. languages. C. standards of ethics. D. values of money. Question 2 The executive branch of government sees that all legislationis: A. approved. B. enacted. C. enforced. D. dismissed. Question 3 The law assumes that, as long as no undue pressure is brought tobear, the parties were: A. free to reject a proposed unfair contract. B. not allowed to enter into another contract. C. bound compulsorily by all the terms of a contracts. D. free to perform an illegal act. Question 4 If minors are capable of properly carrying out the duties of anagency relationship then they: A. may be considered to represent other persons asagents. B. may still not be eligible to enter into a contract with anagent. C. may still not be considered to represent other persons asagents. D. are exempted from representing other persons as agents. Question 5 The intangible right of ownership is called: A. custody. B. tenure. C. title. D. possession. Question 6 The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act relating to warranties addressesmany different kinds of abuses to: A. sellers. B. agents. C. manufacturers. D. consumers. Question 7 The Americans with Disabilities Act defines disability as a(n) that substantially limits one or more of the majoractivities of life. A. impairment B. accident C. tragedy D. incompetence Question 8 The law concerning bailments provides for certain rights and dutiesof both bailor and bailee, depending on the: A. amount of the transactions. B. nature of the business. C. kind of bailment. D. competency in the market. Question 9 The one that provides the holder with certain rights during theperiod covered by the lease is called a(n): A. leasehold estate. B. accession estate. C. conversion estate. D. administrators estates. Question 10 Unauthorized access to computers invites violation of: A. objectives. B. duties. C. rights. D. goals. Question 11 An agreement in which the seller agrees not to begin or operate asimilar business within a certain geographic area, or within aspecified period of time, is known as a(n): A. service-level agreement. B. agreement not to compete. C. arbitration agreement. D. nondisclosure agreement. Question 12 The U.S. Supreme Court hears appeals from the: A. government departments. B. highest state courts. C. federal corporations. D. federal arbitral tribunals. Question 13 All of the following are the elements that a plaintiff must provein order to be successful in establishing the defendantsnegligence in a product liability lawsuit EXCEPT: A. warranty. B. breach. C. duty. D. damages.

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