Tools/Elements to Combat Resistance Organizational Change

Required Readings

· Chapter 3 in Implementing Organizational Change

· Chapter 3 & Chapter 5 PowerPoint from Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach


· Bolognese, A. (2010). Employee Resistance to Organizational Change. Retrieved from:

· Mod 3: Content

I. Adapt or Allow a Graceful Exit
A key element that many managers do not want to accept is that some resisters will want to exit and not participate in the process. The organization should be postured to let this happen. People who are unable to overcome resistance to change may want to leave. Unfortunately, sometimes management may need to ask them to leave. What the organization needs to do is create an opportunity for individuals to exit gracefully. A change process usually helps employees grow and learn, but it takes time and patience and some individuals may decide that they do not have these attributes.

The individuals who do stay should be rewarded. Always acknowledge those who accept change and their achievements. Do not take them for granted. It is important to continually remind these individuals of the benefits of the change as well. Knowing the benefits of the new direction will help them see the value in altering their behaviors and processes from the old way of doing things. The final point is that employees accept in different ways. It is important to allow them space to be unique.

Assignment 3

Case Study

Prepare a 4-6 page paper describing the essential tools/elements you would use to combat resistance organization change. Discuss the elements that you feel are essential in most situations and why.

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