Topic #1 It is quite common for the fear of cr Law Assignment Help

Topic #1 It is quite common for the fear of crime to greatly exceed individuals actual risk of victimization. Why do you think fear of crime is so rampant, even during times that actual crime rates have dropped significantly? 60 70 words Topic #2 Many different factors have been proposed to explain causes crime. No single factor can explain all crime, although a single factor may be able to explain criminal behavior in specific cases. More likely, these factors work together to produce criminal behavior. Discuss the probable causes of crime. Include antecedent conditions, early indicators, developmental processes, and maintenance variables. Be sure to support your answer with research! (pp.76-80). Greene, E., Heilbrun. (N.D). Psychology and the Legal System (7th Edition). PP.76-106. Cengage Learning 100 words

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