Trangender Positive and Negative Coping, and Health Effects

Assignment Requirements


Below are the instructions I received from my professor:
Final Project:
During the course of the class, you will be required to complete 6 article reviews (graded on content and corrected for formatting). These article reviews will be chosen by you based on the research topic given to you � yes, you must do your paper on this topic. Using pertinent information from these articles (as well as at least one book), you will write a paper (graded based on the grading rubric posted).
This is a research paper, not an essay; it is to be written based solely on the research you gather. Opinions and bias should not be in your research paper.
Your paper should be between 3-5 pages of text (not including cover page or references).
You should use at least 2 peer reviewed journal articles and one additional source (most likely a text book).
In your introduction, you will explain what will be discussed in the body of the paper. You will also, give a brief overview of the topic to explain why it is important.
In the body of the paper, you will present the facts accumulated in your research.
In the conclusion, you will �tell me what you told me� in the body of the paper. State conclusions you drew from your research and why they are important. Relate the findings of your paper to a psychological theory (this is where the textbook reference will come into play) � describe the theory in enough detail to show why it relates. Present an idea for a future research study which could enhance the area of study � put thought into this � it does not have to be a fully articulated study, but it must make sense and be ethical.
I will upload the articles that I used for my reviews. Five of the 6 sources needed will be provided. I would like the body paragraphs to focus on adaptive (positive) coping, maladaptive (negative) coping, and health effects of such difficulties for transgender people.

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