Hi The report should have, a cover page, a table of contents, headers, footers, works cited, at least three pictures with captions and square text wrappingTerm paper Instructions
Write a paper on any topic, except on Buying a Computer. Use the following
instructions to format your work.
1. Format the introduction, body, and summary paragraphs as “justified” text with a
half-inch left indentation, and 1.5 line spacing.
2. Include source reference information as appropriate in footnotes that are
hyperlinked to your source information (include the Web address in the footnotes –
at least two footnotes), just make something up.
3. Insert the at least three pictures with a captions in an appropriate places in the
4. Use the left or right, “Square” text wrapping style for your pictures.
5. Create a small table containing data during your research and place the table in an
appropriate position in the body of the essay (the size of various search databases
makes for a good table). Be sure to demonstrate your ability to format the table.
6. Add a title page that identifies the title of this project “Buying a Computer “, your
name, and the current date. Center the information on the title page both
horizontally and vertically (use the page setup menu item to center the information
vertically – don’t forget to use a section break between the title page and the
remainder of the document).
7. Add a “Table of Contents” page that will contain the automatically generated table of
contents that the Microsoft Word program can create for you. Add the title “Table of
Contents” to this page, skip two lines, and have the Word program automatically
generate the table of contents on this page. Insert a “page break” after this page.
8. Add headers and footers to the essay. Place your name and date in the header (name
left justified, and date right justified) of all pages except the title page. Place page
numbering in the footer (center justified) for all pages except the title page.
9. Add a “Works Cited” page to the end of the essay that identifies the source of all your
information. Center “Works Cited” at the top of this page and put your source
information in MLA format. Be sure to use a page break before the “Works Cited”
page, so that this page is separate from the body of your essay (However, when you
publish the Word document, it all becomes one long Web page anyway).
10. Insert a continuous section break after the table of continents. The table of contents
should NOT have a header or footer.
11. The page after the table of contents should be page #1.
How to submit
Email to:
Don’t make more of this assignment than it is. You are simply writing a very short essay.
Your paper must not be on buying a computer, any other topic, except this one!

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