Week 1 Individual Project

Week 1 Individual Project
Juan has just recently graduated from culinary school and has been hired as the manager of the Local Motion, a small American bistro. The owners are not very hands-on; they rely heavily on the managers they have hired. The bistro is a very diverse workplace, with 15 employees who vary in age, race, and gender. The customer base is also very diverse and is extremely loyal. As Juan is trying to learn to manage the expectations of his guests, his employees, and the owners, he remembers learning about something called the manager in the middle. Using at least 2 reputable references, please answer the following questions:

What is meant by the manager in the middle?
What obligations does a manager have to each of the 3 groups (guests, employees, and owners)?
Which of the 3 groups is most important, and why? Include supporting details or examples.

Must be 225 words

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