What made Congress choose George Washington to be Commander in Chief of the Continental Army? Why did they not choose Horatio Gates or Benedict Arnold or Nathaniel Green? What was their expectation in regard to General Washington’s leadership during the w

Choose ONE of the essay topics and write a complete, well supported, and properly cited five (5) to six (6) page essay. The essay should a) full address all parts of the essay topic; b) provide clear evidence to support all important statements; c) make a clear and logical argument from the evidence or clear discussion or analysis of the event and the evidence; d) draw two clear concluding paragraphs with the first one providing clear summary conclusions about the topic and the second concluding paragraph providing a clear historical context for your essay that explains what the event or actions meant to the people then, what the events meant 50 to 100 years later and what they mean to us or to you now. Use MLA format, margins, fonts, page references and works cited page. If you do not know MLA format then either go to the Writing Center/Tutoring office or go online to Perdue University’s OWL pages for MLA.

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