What message is Yahoo relaying?

What message is Yahoo relaying?

Case notes: Six (6) cases are assigned throughout the semester. Your best 5 will earn points. Cases are meant to facilitate your understanding of the material. Cases should be submitted via BlackBoard prior to the beginning of class.

In structuring your Case notes, disregard the questions at the end of the printed Case, and answer the following: 1) What course themes do you see present in the case? and 2) What recommendations might you have to manage the situation even better?

To get the full 10 points you should: 1) Identify as many course themes, terms, or theories as make sense to you (with an emphasis on the prior week’s topics), 2) The references should be explained and described in context, so that I know you understand them. Don’t just list terms, rather define them and apply them to the details of the Case if applicable, 3) Terms should be in BOLD or underlined to make sure they pop off the page.

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