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Which act prohibits preferential treatment in favor of minority groups? The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 The Civil Rights Act of 1991 A selection method that is valid in other contexts beyond the context in which it was developed is said to be: dependable. generalizable. practical. utilitarian. The use of a neutral-appearing selection method that damages a protected group is legal if: the discrimination is unintentional. good performance includes brand image as a justification for adverse impact. the employer can show that there is a business necessity for using that method. good performance includes customer preference as a justification for adverse impact. For tests that measure abstract qualities like intelligence or leadership skills, validity would best be established by: predictive validation. content validation. concurrent validation. construct validation. Predictive validation is more accurate than concurrent validation because: the research administers tests to people who currently hold the job. test performance is influenced by firsthand experience with the job. the group is more likely to include people who perform poorly on the test. test takers tend to be less motivated to do well on the tests. Content validity: is usually measured on the basis of expert judgment. is most suitable for tests that measure abstract qualities. is based on objective methods. is useful for tests that measure intelligence and leadership quality. Organizational analysis looks at training needs in light of the: readiness of employees for training. performance deficiency of employees. managements support for training activities. description of work required by a persons job. Which of the following processes identifies the tasks, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that training should emphasize? Person analysis Task analysis Job analysis Managerial analysis You want to establish the validity of a test designed for computer technicians using a predictive criterion-related validation strategy. To do so, you must administer the test to: at least half your companys present computer technicians. people doing similar jobs in other companies. people applying for computer technician jobs in your company. a random selection of computer technicians at your company. To be ready to learn, employees need basic learning skills, especially , which includes being able to use written and spoken language, solve math problems, and use logic to solve problems. cognitive ability creativity and innovation spatial ability psychomotor skills

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