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Assessment- Written Assignment
This assignment is a 1,500 word written assignment that requires students to discuss the what, why and how of a quality management plan. The aim of the plan, that students develop, is for the prevention of any further occurrence of the problem presented in the discipline specific scenarios presented to students.

Task description
Students are given a scenario that describes a concern in service provision. Based on your understanding of the reading material for the module you will be expected to discuss the what, why and how of a quality management plan that could be used for preventing any further occurrence of the problem outlined
intended learning outcomes
• Appreciate the need for a quality management program in a medical radiations department.
• Understand the place of the quality system in maintaining the quality service in medical radiations.
• Describe the fundamentals of a quality management system.
• Understand the roles of various national and international accreditation systems for the MRS professions, including RANZCR/NATA, EquIP and ISO standards.

Scenario 2*:
A patient arrives in the Radiology Department from a ward, brought down by a porter in their bed for a CT chest and abdomen scan. The patient is an elderly male with known dementia, so the patient is noted, by the staff, as having entered the department. When the radiographer from CT comes to collect him for his scan, the radiographer finds he is not able to be roused and calls the resuscitation team. On arrival, the team notes that the patient is actually deceased. When the scenario is explained to the patient’s relatives, they make a complaint to the hospital and ask for an enquiry into the patient’s death.

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